Our residents all hold a special place in our hearts and we are fully dedicated to making their lives the best they can be, but we need your help to make their dreams a reality

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Senior Lifetime Residents

Senior lifetime companions, Baby and Timba were surrendered to a high kill, city shelter, both 20 years old due to family entering a homeless shelter.  Ticket to Heaven stepped in to give this pair the security of a lifetime home together.

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Angel Recipient

Max came to Ticket to Heaven through a failed foster situation.  Max was scheduled for euthanasia due to increasing anxiety in a large city shelter.  A new foster stepped up, but after arriving his anxiety reached a high, impacting his health.  Max was taken to Ticket to Heaven for decompression and evaluation.  Due to his anxiety, Max requires training before going into an adoptive home.  Until then he will be cared for at Ticket to Heaven who will also fund the training he needs so his next adoptive home lasts a lifetime.

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Angel Recipient

Teddy was adopted through private channels by a local family only to find out he had high anxiety and extreme medical needs that they were not equipped to provide.  At ~ 4 yo, this poor pup is heartworm positive, has severe hip dysplasia and anxiety.  Ticket to Heaven worked with a partner veterinarian to find a rescue who could take Teddy and place him in an amazing foster home where he can get the medical care he needs before making him available for adoption.  Teddy's medical bills if all goes well will cost upwards of $5000 and Ticket to Heaven will be supporting this cost. Please consider donating.



Lifetime Resident

Fendi came to Ticket to heaven following a failed pre-purchase exam for neurological issues.  From eventing prospect to un-ridable overnight at 2 years old, Fendi became a lifetime resident.  After careful evaluation and vetting, it was found that Fendi was eligible for a life changing surgery to her spine that could re-open her path to performance horse.  Fendi loves to jump and we have committed to bringing her to her best life.  Fendi received her surgery on November 11, 2021 veteran's day and has a long road to recovery taking up to a year to realize the benefits of her surgery.  Veterinary bills have already exceeded $10,000.   We hope that Fendi can become a model for how rescue horses can continue to give back.  Long-term Fendi may be available for adoption, but for now  she can rest easy knowing she will have love and care for life.

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Adoptable through Partner

Adoption Application - Rebound Hounds

Enzo came to us when he was 9 months old, demonstrating reactivity due to a high anxiety living situation.  He was turned away by high-kill city shelters at the height of the pandemic.  The only option offered for the family was euthanasia.  Enzo came to Ticket to Heaven for sanctuary.  Here he had the chance to decompress in a calm, controlled environment.  Enzo has been found to have challenges with changing situations which cause him stress. Due to Enzo's difficulty to adjusting to new environments and strict adoption requirements Enzo will remain with Ticket to Heaven to further his training and development until the perfect home becomes available.

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Adoptable through Partner

Adoption Application - Rebound Hounds

Romeo & Bella came to us on Valentine's day.  A mother and son lifetime pair, Romeo and Bella are both over the age of 8 and bonded.  This duo lived together their entire life and grew up in a loving home.  Unfortunately due to a housing situation change, Romeo and Bella were turned over to a city shelter, where they were unable to be together.  Romeo and Bella came to us for sanctuary and due to age meeting our lifetime support, but we know this amazing pair has a home waiting for them and consider them very adoptable.  A home together with fenced yard, cozy couch and love is all they need to be eternally happy.

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Angel Recipient

Silkie came to us through a local resident who stepped in to help care for two horses when an elderly neighbor became bedbound following a medical emergency.  She contacted us to help in a plan to rehome the horses, that the family planned to euthanize.  Ticket to Heaven stepped in to support and provide advice on her care and the consideration of adoptive homes for her and her son.   Silkie is a 30 yo morgan and her son Mac a stallion. Thankfully Mac was able to be rehomed where he will be able to shine to his fullest potential.  The good samaritan who stepped in could not afford to take on Silkie alone so Ticket to Heaven has given her a warm stall and provides for the cost of food and medical needs.  Her guardian angel continues to provide for her care on the farm daily.  Although fairly healthy upon arrival Silkie primary need is to gain weight and muscle and to rest well knowing she has our support.

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Resident with Medical Need

Koda came to Ticket to Heaven following rescue from a high kill shelter, days before his euthanasia date.   Unable to find foster, Ticket to Heaven stepped in to take in Koda.  Koda is HW positive and is undergoing treatment. Koda will need be cleared medically following his treatment before he can be neutered which will be required before he will be available for adoption.



Lifetime Resident

Frankie had a rough road before arriving at Ticket to Heaven.  In and out of several shelters and failed fosters, Frankie arrived at Ticket to Heaven for decompression and adaptation to home living.  During this time she had a major medical crisis from a botched spay.  Frankie has recovered from that but continues to have behavioral challenges when meeting new people therefore Frankie will remain with Ticket to Heaven for life.

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Smiley came to us straight from the euthanasia list at a high kill shelter where he was pulled by another rescue.  We stepped in to temporarily house Smiley until adopters could be found.  Smiley is 8 month old puppy UTD on vaccinations and neutered.  Dog friendly.  No cats.  Smiley needs a place where he will get stimulation and a lot of exercise.